Our Heritage

The Silverpoint Story

Our brand is more than a brand, it’s actually a place, a moment, a lifestyle, a journey, and a discovery...

Allemansratten is a Swedish law which allows every person to go anywhere the feet can carry them. You can walk all 978 miles from the very south to the furthest point in the north and no fence will keep you out, no wall will stop you. The only barriers you have to put up with is nature itself; the lakes you have to cross, the mountains you have to climb or just the vast distance you will travel; only respect for the nature will stop you.


It had been snowing; the sheer impact of it had forced the trees to sink under its weight. It then became cold, freezing cold with temperatures of lower than -25 degrees. The lake had frozen within a couple of short days, the sheet of ice that was filling it was like a mirror; not a single wave, nor a scratch; just like polished crystal.


Over the oncoming days, the sun slowly made its entrance as we packed our lunch, our skates and put on clothes to keep the winter out. The next lake was only a couple of miles away. We walked through the untouched snow, making the first tracks, the blinding sun highlighting our footprints.

At last, we reached the frozen lake and the hut that was standing there, waiting, just for us. Wood had been piled up inside so we decided to light a fire to warm, both the hut and ourselves. We then put on our skates. As we approached the untouched design of nature, we began to realise the beauty of it all. The sun shone upon the ice, of which made it look like a sheet of pure silver. It was from this moment the children named the place ‘Silverpoint.’


From then on, Silverpoint had a place in our hearts. We came back in the summer, of which the sun was now glistening in the ripples of the water, not the ice. For the next few days, civilisation would be a distant memory. We would then simply survive purely on what nature provided us.


The vastness of the Swedish countryside allows you to be alone; it enables you to refresh both your soul and your mind, being a different person arriving back at Silverpoint.