• 250
  • Lumens
  • 4
  • Days
  • 2 days high, 4 days low
  • 5 watt Nichia white led/green indicator
  • Splash-waterproof and rubberized handle




The Daylight X250's 5 watt Nichia LED pushes out an impressive 250 lumens, making it bright enough to light an entire family tent. The Daylight X250 will burn on full-light for 48 hours – two full days, or enough to get you through a two-week camping holiday. The textured lens makes the 250 lumens smooth rather than blinding, the base hook that allows you to hang it upside down, turning the lantern into a lamp and the S-hook that enables you to turn it 360 degrees. Aslo, the rubberised anti-slip handle helps you grip whilst also protecting it from knocks and falls. The green indicator LED makes the lantern easy to find whilst offering multiple light modes: high, low, or emergency flashing, which can be activated by holding the switch for three seconds. 

Product features

  • Material: ABS
  • Bulb type: 5 watt Nichia white led/green indicator
  • Maximum output: 250 lumens
  • Operating modes: Low > High > Flashing > Off
  • Burn time: 2 days high (maximum output 24 hours), 4 days low, 8 days flashing, 2 years green indicator.
  • Housing: Splash-waterproof, rubberized handle
  • Battery type: 3 x  1.5v D size batteries (included)
  • Accessories: Built-in hanger hook in base
  • Product size: 84 x 185mm
  • Product weight: 831g (including batteries)
Color option 1