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  • 22
  • lumens
  • 6
  • Hrs Max
  • 22 Lumens
  • 2 Hrs high, 6 Hrs low
  • 0.5 white led




Want the best of both worlds? Then the Camp II is the lantern for you. It’s both a lantern and a torch, offering both USB and wind-up charging options - charge it fully via your computer using the enclosed USB cable. Out and about? Turn the knob at the bottom and it will spring back to life, producing up to ten minutes of light. This unique model can be compressed to become a 22 lumen torch or be extended to become a lantern. In addition to all of this, it has both dim and full-light settings, a red LED, an SOS flashing mode, as well as a green ring around its base that illuminates in the dark. What’s more it’s made from incredibly robust aluminium and is highly water-resistant. Whether you’re into hiking or camping, or simply need an emergency light for your car, this is a must have gaget. 

Product features

  • Material: ABS
  • Bulb type: 0.5 watt LED
  • DC-DC regulated circuit: No
  • Maximum output: 22 lumens
  • Operating modes: Low > high > red light > SOS > torch
  • Burn time: 2hrs high, 6.5hrs low when fully charged
  • Charging time cranking: 1 minute cranking = 9 minutes full or 23 minutes dimmed light
  • Housing: Splash-waterproof
  • Battery type: Built in rechargeable
  • Accessories: USB cable
  • Product size: 62 x 131mm
  • Product weight: 191.2g
Color option 1