• 65
  • Lumens 
  • 2.5 
  • Hours
  • 65 Lumen Head Torch 
  • Burn Time 2.5 Hours
  • Rechargeable
  • IPX5



The fun, new Spark showers great illumination. With a 65 lumen output and a mere weight of just 43g, makes it a perfect companion for running, travelling and many other activities. The 5mm LED's help preserve power and the flashing red LED can be used to attract attention. The Spark has a sharp, modern, angular design and is available in a variety of beautiful and vibrant colours. 

Product features

Material: ABS
Bulb Type: Cree XPG2 LED, 2x5mm White LED's, 1x3mm Red LED                 
Maximum output in Lumen: 65 Lumens> 35 Lumens> 25 (5mm LED's)
Operating modes: Medium>Low>Off Press and hold for White LED's> Red light flashing
Burn Time: 2.5 Hours
Waterproofness: IPX5
Battery type: 400mah built in rechargeable battery
Switch: Touch sensitive
Battery Compartment Size: 67x40x20mm
Product Size: 58x24x16mm
Product Weight: 43g
Colours available: Raspberry (SH662), Blue (SH661), Green (SH660)

Color option 1
Color option 2
Color option 3