• 125
  • Lumens
  • 30
  • Hours
  • 125 Lumen Head Torch
  • Up to 18 Lumen on Side Lights
  • Burn Time up to 30 Hours




Unlike the Ranger XL122, the Ranger WL operates on, as the name suggests, white light only. Developed for general outdoor activities such as climbing, running, cross country skiing or just for walking the dog. It provides a powerful main beam whilst simulatinously, operating on the side lights, offers you great peripheral vision. With the different output options you can find the right balance between light output and battery saving. The instant off function allows you to switch the Ranger of from any mode.

Product features

Material: ABS
Bulb Type: 1 x Cree 3 Watt LED and 2 x 5mm White Side LED's                            
Maximum output in Lumen: 125 Lumens White Light
Operating modes: Full Light>50% Light>Side Lights>Flashing
Instant Off from any mode      
Burn Time: 5 Hrs High, 30 Hrs on side lights
Waterproofness: IPX6
Battery type: 3 x AAA included
Distance: Up to 70 meters
Product size: 59x42x33mm
Product weight: 82g including batteries
Colours available: Graphite
For their night operations Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue team members trust the Silverpoint Ranger head torch.

Color option 1