• 300
  • Lumen
  • 3
  • Hours
  • 300 Lumen Head Torch
  • Focus Control
  • Red Rear Light




 Explorer Headtorch is a powerful, durable and versatile lighting tool suitable for almost all outdoor activities. The headtorch features both a front and rear light so that the user can both see and be seen when out on the trails. For added stability the Explorer Headtorch features a cranial strap going over the top of the head, making it perfect for fast paced outdoor activities.
The powerful front light outputs up to 300 lumens making this headtorch bright enough for high aerobic activities like running or mountain biking even in difficult terrain. When on the high setting, the 300-lumen front LED will light up to a distance of 70 metres and give a burn time of 3 hours. If the user wishes to preserve the battery there is also a low light setting – of 30 lumens –that yields a longer burn time of 40 hours. As well as the lighting modes, the spread of the front light can be focussed in or out to give a wide or narrow beam depending on the users’ needs. The rear light is red and can be switched on or off independently of the front light. There are also two rear light modes: flashing and constant.
The Explorer Headtorch features a durable ABS thermoplastic construction and is splash proof (Rated IPX4) giving you powerful and reliable lighting performance.
Light Setting Burn Time Distance Output
High 3Hrs 70 Meters 300 Lumen
Low 40Hrs 22 Meters 30 Lumen
Rear Light 100Hrs - -


Product features

Material: ABS
Bulb type: Cree XPG2 5 watt LED
Lighting modes: Cree – high > low > off
Light beam: Focus control
Red rear light: Constant > flash > off
Separate switch for rear light
Battery type: 3 x AA batteries (included)
Weight: 134g including batteries
Size front: 75 x 50 x 53mm
IP rating: IPX4


Color option 1