• 100%
  • Merino
  • 20.8
  • Micron

Zermatt Pink

Silverpoint knitwear is uncompromising in quality. Nothing except the finest quality marino wool is used. Sourcing only the highest quality fibers, our clothing provides unparalleled comfort and warmth for those delving into the wilderness, yet also retaining a modern look for less demanding occasions.
Silverpoint sweaters are designed for performance and style. Worn as a mid layer when skiing or in the outdoors, they keep you warm whilst being moisture wicking. Due to the dense knit, our jumpers are extremely hardwearing and resistant to pilling.

Product features

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • 20.8 Micron
  • Colours available:
  • Navy: 36-44
  • Black: 36-44
  • Fuchsia: 36-44
Color option 1